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You are reading these words because you have shown interest in the artist known as InsideInfo. The details below are confidential and must be handled with respect, integrity and preferably through a good quality soundsystem.

Name: Paul Bondy. Frequently answers to the artist alias InsideInfo

Age: Unknown

Location: Essex, UK

Background: Pupil of the late 90s drum & bass golden age. Studied the craft of masters such as Ed Rush & Optical and Konflict before adopting role as a London-based garage DJ in the early 2000s. Known to have amassed hardware and studied technique for several years before releasing his first 12” in 2006 on DJ Hype’s Ganja-Tek Imprint.

Known affiliations: InsideInfo is known to act alone but has strong ties with numerous notorious institutions including Viper, Virus, Critical, Charge, Blackout, Ram Records, Hospital, Renegade Hardware, Breed 12 Inches, Blu Mar Ten and Spearhead.

Known alias: Since 2018 Bondy has been observed working under the pseudonym Circuits with fellow London-based bass culprit Kasra.

Known allies and connections: Kasra, Mefjus, Hybrid Minds, The Upbeats, Miss Trouble, Futurebound, Blu Mar Ten, Audio, Neonlight, Smooth.

Identified remix associates: Maxim, Mampi Swift, DC Breaks, Hybrid Minds, Kryptic Minds, Black Sun Empire, Usual Suspects and The Prototypes.

Criminal history: Paul’s criminal record dates back to the early 2000s with evidence of illegal behaviour as DJ on pirate station Origin FM. He is currently wanted in multiple counties, states and international territories for flagrant acts of dancefloor denting and is also under close observation for longing-out releases due to his often-fastidious attention to detail.

Key activities: Bondy has developed a portfolio of sonic real estate over the years. Accomplishments of note include, ‘Skyhook’, ‘Mythos’, ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘Glimpse’, his entire 2017 debut album ‘InsideInfo’ and remixes of various genre classics.

Psychological profile: Signs of openness are evident in his public interviews as he states he will never jump on a hot trend for the sake of it. Bondy is unhurried yet wholly motivated by the writing process. He shows traces of introversion and neuroticism, which are believed to be the result of long periods and studio isolation and persistent sound design craft, however his strongest trait is one of an agreeable disposition. This is proved by his strong sense of groove and broad strokes as a heavy touring international DJ. Paul is not a danger to society and can be approached in a social setting.