InsideInfo & Hybrid Minds

InsideInfo and Hybrid Minds: Two of the most consistent and widely supported UK names to emerge and establish themselves in drum & bass this decade collide on Drum&BassArena for two unique dark soul collaborations that few fans will see coming: ‘Split In 2’ / ‘Beneath’

Two acts from two contrasting sides of the ever-sprawling drum & bass diaspora; it’s been a year of exciting creative flux for all parties concerned. Both fresh from delivering high profile albums in 2017, the studio stars have aligned as they’re all exploring new ideas and collaborators to maintain that essential inspiration and development needed to create authentic innovative music. For Paul InsideInfo this has included collaborations with Critical bossman Kasra under the name Circuits while for Hybrid Minds’ Matt and Josh this year has seen them develop their label and a series of sold out events and new material with new singers such as Catching Cairo and Emily Jones. Now they level up once again with this exceptional collaborative debut.

A rare example of cooperative tracks where you can not only hear both acts’ signature but also hear how they complement each other, both ‘Split In 2’ and ‘Beneath’ are unlike anything either InsideInfo or Hybrid Minds have ever done, or would ever do, solo; The lead track ‘Split In 2’ features the golden dulcets of contemporary soulster Laville. Clearly just as comfortable jumping on a warm and sultry Acid Jazz joint as he is an icy barbed soul stepper, the rising London singer’s tones wrap themselves chillingly over InsideInfo & Hybrid Minds’ timeless, emotional, piano-laced textures.

‘Beneath’ maintains the high emotional content as it urges and surges with 1.21 gigawatt bassline texture that ripples and sizzles with high voltage. All the while piano and strings fly around in the ether causing goosebump inducing vapour trails at every possible opportunity.

Few fans saw this consistent and widely-supported tag team coming. But everyone will be wanting more. A perfect moment where acts with two very different musical reputations fuse and create something truly unique; look up precision collaboration in the D&B dictionary and you’ll find InsideInfo & Hybrid Minds.

Paul Bondy