Mirrored / Twofold

Mirrored Twofold art.jpg

‘Mirrored’ and ‘Twofold’ are a double-sided reveal of what’s in store for 2019, InsideInfo once again takes you through his menacing world, the type that gradually leads into one of his immersive audio environments. With drums that sound impossibly heavy, moving alongside the track’s wobbling bassline, ‘Mirrored’ is a foray into the fine-tuning of InsideInfo’s production. Without boasting any classical training, his level of sound design is second to none. The all-encompassing layers of ‘Mirrored’, amongst its sonic intricacies, prove that with no creative restraint InsideInfo is still as ominous as ever.

‘Twofold’ is the singles reverse and it’s just as sharp-shooting. Featuring an intro which is reminiscent of many InsideInfo tracks, the type which have opened stages across some of the world’s biggest dance music festivals, its delayed drop catches the listener unaware. The build-up throughout ‘Twofold’ heightens the tension between each sixteen bars and before long you’re pulled into his world for another track. 

More releases are set to drop from InsideInfo through his own podium In 2019 and beyond.

Beatport Exc: 9th Apr

Paul Bondy