Mampi Swift - The One (InsideInfo Remix)


The second single to arrive from Mampi Swift's forthcoming History to Future LP features yet another remix which has been eagerly awaited since it was announced. As well as a brand new digital remaster and the first ever release of 'The One', a tune which catapulted legendary figure Mampi Swift into the limelight, the single's reverse comes with another slamming remix. This time InsideInfo takes on a bonafide classic, exercising an undeniably well-produced demon from its depths. 'The One' was a record which steam rolled throughout sets from the very first time it was played out. It still remains as a sought after track from the early history of drum & bass and Mampi detonated 'The One' (made in just one hour) onto an unsuspecting audience in the late nineties, not knowing that it would become a soundtrack for the Charge Recordings back catalogue. With the tracks digital master finally receiving a release, it's likely veteraned fans and newcomers alike will seek out the anthem for their collections. Featuring the same crunchy drums, tearaway bassline and clapping swathes of percussion, it reignites the old school vibes which built the genre from its roots. On the reverse, InsideInfo takes full creative control and causes absolute devastation with his rework. Adding a daunting, grinding introduction it slowly builds into a thick pattern of smacking drums and the same warbling hook which made the original so identifiable. Renowned for his remixing skills, Insideinfo's style and groundbreaking composition helps drop 'The One' into an intimidatingly new flex, one which sits perfectly against the original but still gives it a welcome face lift. It's another remix which has been coveted and the second remix featured on Mampi Swift's History LP; this proves just how pivotal the release is looking to be, with only two singles unleashed and a plethora of brand new records sitting in the backdrop.

Paul Bondy